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WILL* Replication Toolkit

How to Create a WILL* Program on Your Campus

WILL* is a four-year academic and co-curricular program focused on women, gender, and sexuality studies (WGSS); leadership; activism; community; and career preparation. Founded in 1980 at the University of Richmond, WILL* cultivates students’ intellectual and personal development while also creating campus-wide impact far beyond the reaches of the program's members.

In response to calls from colleges and universities around the country interested in creating a similar program, the directors of WILL* developed this resource to help you get started. This guide will give you a basic understanding of what the program entails, how it benefits students and universities alike, and how to begin a program on your campus. For more in depth information, please contact us.

The WILL* Asterisk
*This asterisk isn’t just a footnote. The asterisk after WILL*’s name means it is open to women, transgender, and gender non-conforming students.

Student Voices

"I have learned to be confident in myself and my voice. I have learned about gender issues locally, domestically, and internationally. I have learned to speak up in the face of injustice. I can’t possibly articulate all of the things that WILL* has taught me." WILL* student, 2012-13