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The WGSS Minor

The minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies provides the academic foundation of the WILL* program. Every WILL* student completes a minor in WGSS, which includes a supervised internship. Required courses provide students with a common intellectual background and analytical frameworks with which to critically examine gender, social institutions, and individual beliefs.

The WGSS minor complements all other majors and minors. WILL* students represent the School of Arts and Sciences, the Robins School of Business, and the Jepson School of Leadership Studies. The flexibility of the minor allows students with busy schedules, including those planning to study abroad, to participate in the program. 

Why minor in WGSS?

  • WGSS equips students to question prevailing assumptions and analyze intersections between gender, race, sexuality, class, nationality, and other forms of identities.
  • WGSS fosters ethical and engaged citizenship while promoting a sense of community among students, staff, faculty, and local citizens.
  • WGSS inspires students to work toward making the world a more equitable place for all people.
  • WGSS prepares students to pursue a wide range of careers because the interdisciplinary program teaches students to think creatively and critically across disciplines.

Required Courses