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The WGSS Minor

Every will student completes a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) in a will-specific way, which includes a supervised internship described below. Common coursework provides students with theoretical frameworks, intellectual community, and the tools to critically analyze and address pressing social justice issues through an intersectional lens.

The WGSS minor complements all other majors and minors. will students represent the School of Arts and Sciences, the Robins School of Business, and the Jepson School of Leadership Studies. WGSS teaches students to think creatively and critically across disciplines, preparing students for a wide range of careers.


Students pursue internships that reflect their career, academic, or activist interests and may complete them in Richmond, around the country, or while studying abroad. Students intern at diverse sites across many fields of interest, ranging from non-profits, law firms and hospitals, to Fortune 500 companies and government offices.

Required Courses

will students earn their WGSS minor (5 WGSS units) in a will-specific way. If you are in will, you take the following WGSS courses:

WGSS 200 - Introduction to Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (1 unit)
WGSS 201 - will Colloquium: Gender, Race, & Activism (1 unit)
WGSS 280 - Gender and Work (1 unit)
WGSS 301 - will Senior Seminar (1/2 unit)
WGSS 388 - Internship (1/2 unit)
1 WGSS elective (1 unit)

Alum Voices

"[Through will], I learned how to think critically and to question systems. I learned to talk productively with people who have different beliefs than my own. I learned to become confident in myself and to trust my intellect and instincts, and to not be afraid to make mistakes or change my mind.” — will program alum