Speaker Series

Fall 2024 will + WGSS Speaker Series

Jina B. Kim

Reclaiming the Radical Politics of Self-Care: A Crip-of-Color Critique

Monday, September 16, 6 pm, Brown-Alley Room

Jina B. Kim is an assistant professor of English and the Study of Women and Gender at Smith College. Her work connects the intellectual and movement lineages of disability politics with feminist and queer-of-color critique. Jina’s book, Dreaming of Infrastructure: Crip-of-Color Writing after the U.S. Welfare State (Duke University Press, forthcoming) brings a disability lens to bear on feminist and queer-of-color literature in the aftermath of 1996 U.S. welfare reform. Developing an intersectional disability framework called crip-of-color critique, it demonstrates why we need radical disability politics and aesthetics for navigating contemporary crises of care. Her writing, including the co-authored piece “Work Will Not Save Us: An Asian American Crip Manifesto,” has appeared in Signs, Social Text, American Quarterly, GLQ, Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States, Disability Studies Quarterly, Lateral, and The Asian American Literary Review. In partnership with Disability Services. 


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