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Global Connections

It’s increasingly important to be able to connect local concerns with global ones. will helps students make these connections by incorporating international perspectives into the program’s coursework, speaker events, and student leadership organization.

Contemporary Issues from a Global Perspective

Abbe Horswill decided to direct her summer study abroad to learning more about human trafficking by studying at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. As part of this Human Trafficking and Prostitution in Europe course, she studied the issue in Denmark and then conducted fieldwork in the Netherlands. Stateside, a group of students in WGSS 201 (will Colloquium:  Gender, Race and Activism) worked with her to start an anti-human trafficking organization on campus, Students Stopping the Trafficking of People (SSTOP).

In Richmond, students have the opportunity to work with the Highland Support Project, a local nonprofit, where they learn about women’s economic development efforts and travel to Guatemala to work with women’s cooperatives. 

Study Abroad

will students regularly study abroad, and their abroad locations are as diverse as they are. Students have studied Arabic in Morocco, women’s economic development in Senegal, British women writers in England, biology in Turkey, women’s health and reproductive rights in Peru, gender relations in China, and the history of aboriginal women in Australia.

Engaging with International Speakers

Sandra Moran, Guatemalan activist for women’s rights, recently met with will students and shared her experiences of organizing for women’s rights in Guatemala. Her public lecture was standing room only as she used poetry, history, and music to convey the importance of education, activism, and community to social change efforts.