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Established in 1980, WILL* has over three decades of expertise in creating, implementing, and refining a transformative four-year educational program. According to the Wellesley Centers for Research on Women, "…WILL* is an extremely effective vehicle for empowering and transforming female* students. Most participants believed that the program contributed in a significant way to their success at the University of Richmond and continued to make a positive impact on their lives after graduation."

*Initially the WILL* program was exclusively for women. Beginning in 2013, WILL* officially opened its application process to transgender and gender non-conforming students.

Recent qualitative and quantitative data about the WILL* program confirms the effectiveness of the WILL* program model. Specifically, the research supports:

  • The effectiveness of the WILL* model, which integrates the curriculum and the co-curriculum, enabling students to apply their learning
  • The strong sense of community felt by WILL* students
  • The intellectual development of WILL* students, specifically critical thinking and intersectional analysis
  • The personal development of WILL* students, including increased self-confidence and the ability to identify and live by one’s values
  • The leadership development of WILL* students, including understanding and valuing difference and the ability to implement one’s ideas
  • The positive impact WILL* has on its participants, namely the understanding that they can and will make a difference in the world
  • The value of the WILL* program in preparing students for their future, both personally and professionally

Student Voices

"WILL* led me to the minor [in WGSS] … and gave me leadership experience in the group, and gave me a space to be confident and unintimidated by my peers." WILL* student, 2011-12